January 23, 2023
Being Authentic
Page 24
"More and more, we are comfortable just being ourselves. We appear in the world exactly as we are."
Living Clean, Chapter 2, "Connection to Ourselves"

Some members describe authenticity as "being our real selves in the real world."

Addiction makes our worlds smaller. Our self-centeredness was so powerful that we found it harder and harder to show concern for what was happening around us. The Basic Text says, "We suffer from a disease that expresses itself in ways that are anti-social," and many of us eventually found ourselves living lives that involved minimal interaction with others— especially anyone who wasn't using.

In recovery, our connection to the world around us grows. No longer trapped by our obsession and compulsion to use drugs and free from the fear of being exposed as addicts, most of us are able to pursue our genuine interests in ways we couldn't before getting clean. We become involved in our own lives, in our families, and in our communities.

Whether we are exploring a new hobby, seeking further education, or serving those around us through volunteer efforts, addicts in recovery find that we can follow our passions and curiosities wherever they might lead us. As people who had been held hostage by the disease of addiction for so long, the newfound freedom to discover who we are and what we care about can lead us on unexpected journeys.

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Being authentic is not just good for me—it's good for the world around me. To connect with the world, I will begin by connecting with my own interests and passions.