Welcome to the Information Page for the So Calif Regional Convention of Narcotics Anonymous – 43

  • Your Convention registration is used to pay for the hotel and convention facilities, associated services for equipment, maintenance, printing of your registration packets and administrative expenses. We believe that once you understand that it is the income from your registration that makes this event possible, and that registration funds collected are used for the planning and implementation of present and future Southern California Regional Conventions, the reason to register becomes clear. It is the support of each member’s registration or donation that helps make our convention a success.
  • Newcomer Registrations are reserved for the newcomer with less than 30 days clean time who cannot afford the cost of registration. Each Newcomer receiving a registration will be asked to make a donation to the Newcomer Fund. Registrations will be distributed on a first come, first served basis at hours to be posted.
  • A Sign Language Interpreter will be provided at the Friday night, Saturday afternoon, and Saturday night main meetings.
  • The hotel is offering a parking price of $10 a day. In order to take advantage of this price, you must be registered at the hotel,  as a guest. Hotel parking during the day is free. Those who are not registered at the hotel who park overnight, their car be will cited and towed.
  • Send in your logo design for the 2023 convention by July 1, 2022. The theme is “So Cal Clean”. 
    Send artwork to:

    SCRCNA 35
    Arts and Graphics Committee
    1937 S. Myrtle Ave.
    Monrovia, CA. 91016

  • Past convention merchandise and other NA merchandise will be sold at the Alternative Store on Sunday. To sell merchandise at the Alternative Store, you will need to provide a letter of authorization from your NA service body by September 1, 2022 to the Merchandise Chair person. Please contact the Merchandise Chair for more information.
  • 1. There will be no refunds on site.
    2. All pre-sale merchandise must be picked up no later than 4:00pm Saturday 10/1/2022 or it will be sold. There are no refunds.
    3. All banquet tickets must be picked up by 4 pm Saturday 10/1/2022.  There are no refunds.
    4. Banquet tickets as well as registration badges are required to attend the Saturday Night Banquet..